Meet Isla



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She’s classy AF.

But she’s not a marketing expert.


Isla is my ivy plant. 

I'm the marketing expert

Katlynn Pyatt, PCM


Marketing and Isla have a lot in common.

How? I’ll tell you. But first, there’s something you should know. I’ve killed a lot of plants. And not in a good way, like

“I’m killing this!”

Legit, just dead.


skull and cross bones icon

Succulents? Dead.

Twice. Eight of them.

eight large tombstone icons

So when I said I wanted to buy hanging plants

My husband looked at me and deadpanned “Why? So we can have dead plants everywhere in our house?” In fact, he suggested I name it after Jack from Titanic or William Wallace from Braveheart. Because they both shared the same fate.

We made a deal

One plant that has to stay alive as proof I can get more and not kill them*.

*exact time period unknown

That’s when I bought Isla

Thanks to the super smart owner of my local garden center, I learned why my other plants had died.

Basically, I didn’t know what I was doing. 

Probably enough light.

(idk, they all died, remember?)

Not enough water

(oops, I forgot)

Too much water

(to compensate for starving them)

Improper root drainage system

(what? that’s a thing?)

So, Isla’s kinda like marketing.

Maybe you’re doing it right

(but you don’t know for sure)

Too little marketing

(so you don’t get a good ROI)

Too much of the wrong kind of marketing

(so you don’t get a good ROI)

Lack of behind the scenes strategy

(so your business isn’t growing)

Your marketing might need expert help too.

Enter, me. Katlynn Pyatt, PCM. And my community: Start Marketing. 



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