Learn how to build a sales funnel for your small business.

Learn how to fix a sales funnel that isn’t working for your small business.

We’ve talked about building funnels in the past, which is essentially mapping out the journey you want your potential buyers to take and intentionally leading them through a small series of ‘yes’s” to get them to purchase. But, have you built a funnel only to find you’ve got kinda ho-hum results? You can see the leads start, but you never see them close? Well, if you’re wondering where you’re losing your potential customers along the way, but you’re not sure how to fix it, then I’m excited for you to meet our guest today, Dan McGaw.

Dan McGaw is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and the CEO of McGaw.io, an analytics and marketing technology consultancy and SaaS platform, UTM.io.

In addition, Dan also finds time to be a 500 Startups Mentor, and has previously started the first business accelerator in Orlando.

He’s also a thought leader in the MarTech world and CXL instructor on the topic. Having spoken at the leading Marketing conferences and online events, including Traction Conf and Forget The Funnel, his expertise lies in helping businesses extract and interpret the right data to grow their revenue exponentially.

Dan previously served as the Head of Marketing at Kissmetrics and in the past he’s worked as a CMO consultant for a number of high-growth companies, implementing tools, offering support, and analyzing data.

In 2015, Dan was selected to be a United States Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by the United States Department of State, where he had the privilege to advise the government, universities, and private corporations on how to build entrepreneur ecosystems. He even flew out to Mexico to be an entrepreneur ambassador for Tijuana and Mexicali!

Key Takeaways:

  • What makes a successful sales funnel
  • How to keep your sales funnel simple
  • How to identify weak spots in your sales funnel
  • How to create a sales funnel that resonates with your target audience
  • Why you need to understand your target audience before you build your funnel

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