Learn how to use networking as a powerful marketing strategy for your small business.

Learn how to build a powerful network that helps grow and scale your business.

On to today’s show. I’ve been looking forward to this interview for a while because it’s with a guest that I know well because I belong to his community, Vincent Pugliese. Vincent is, first and foremost, a husband and a father. He and his wife Elizabeth homeschool their three sons in Bredenton, Florida. Vincent is the host of the Total Life Freedom Podcast, a daily, short form show teaching you something new about every day about business and living a life of freedom. He recently launched The Wealth of Connection, a podcast studying the super connectors of the world through deep conversations. Vincent’s new book, The Wealth of Connection will be published in the spring of 2022, and he is the leader and founder of the Total Life Freedom Mastermind, connecting and helping entrepreneurs live a life of time, money and location freedom. 

You can check out what he has going on at totallifefreedom.com and connect with Vincent on Instagram at totallifefreedom1.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to build a network to promote your business
  • How to use your network to grow and scale your business
  • How to approach networking authentically so it doesn’t feel like a sales pitch
  • How to talk about your business with your network so it feels relevant
  • Take an actionable step every day to build your network: use one hour to connect and talk with your network

Music: Tuesday by Sascha Ende, Music.io