Small Business Marketing Coach

Small Business Marketing Coach

Small business coaching services for business owners & entrepreneurs 

Every small business is as unique as its owner. So why should you invest in a one-size-fits-all small business coaching program? 

If you want your business to succeed in a way that is true to your personal and organizational values, you need a small business coach with a marketing strategy that aligns with your vision and goals. 

An experienced and dedicated small buisiness coach

As your small business coach, I will work closely with you to create a personalized marketing strategy to automate your marketing process.

That way, you can finally be free to serve your customers, focus on your products, and grow your bottom line.

With My Small Business Coaching, We Will Create a Unique Marketing Plan That Will:


Keep up with—and beat out—your competitors while reaching a wider audience


Deliver the ROI you’re looking for & become the most valuable investment for your business’s long-term success (while saving you thousands in the long run)


Provide you with a  tangible process, which you will be able to recreate for years to come and build a long-lasting business legacy

Build Your Business Marketing Knowledge and Become a Marketing Expert

My small business coaching training has taught me that my goal is to ultimately take my hands off the handlebars so that my clients can steer and peddle on their own when my job is done.

In other words: you know marketing is important, you know who your customers are, and you know your business inside out—but I will make sure that you become your own marketing guru so that YOU can continue to run your marketing operation smoothly when our sessions are over.


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Small Business Coach faqs

How does coaching for small businesses differ from other marketing outlets like local radio/TV station?

These can be great outlets. However, relying on someone who doesn’t intimately know your target audience, and relying on one or two marketing channels won’t deliver the ROI or growth you’re looking for.

My business is struggling and paying an outside marketing consultant is expensive. Why should I trust your small business coaching services?

I know you value every cent you put into your business. Which is why it is important to see marketing as an investment. It’s the only way you’re going to grow and scale your business. Working with me will be an investment that gives you a tangible product you can use and replicate for years going forward.

Is this something I could do myself?

Technically yes, you could do this yourself. But have you done it? No. Because you’re concerned with keeping up with the day-to-day activities and keeping your head above water. I will hold you accountable and take on the time-consuming activities of building a strong marketing plan so you can continue to focus on your business.

How can I pay for your small business coaching packages if my budget is small?

If paying for one-on-one sessions with me isn’t in your price range, I have an online course where you’ll get step by step instructions on how to do everything we’d do together in person.

I also offer payment plans for my one-on-one coaching.


“I’ve had my business for 10 years. I know my product and I know my customers, but Katlynn gave me tools to help reach more of them more often. Katlynn worked with me to finally get a newsletter going, and I think we’ve hit the sweet spot of engaging customers with useful content and increasing sales. I’m certainly getting more orders!

I can now make bigger plans for where I want to take my business since Authentic has helped me streamline my communication tactics. And when I get to those bigger plans, I know that Authentic will get my customers as excited about them as I am.”

Anneliese JohnsonOwner, Eye Candy Quilts


“I decided to dive back into coaching full force. Doing that I needed to take a good look at my processes, my brand, my marketing and so much more but to be honest, I didn’t have a clue where to start!

That’s where Authentic Branding stepped in and made me really think. I have had three calls so far and Katlynn’s fire and drive to help female entrepreneurs makes me so excited. She has given me the tools to create a brand instead of just a business. She has made me think outside the box and truly explore all angles of branding and marketing that I honestly would have NEVER thought of on my own!”

Alyssa Huber
Owner, Mother Loving Fitness


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