Marketing Coach for Marketing Managers & Teams

A Marketing Coach That Meets You Where You Are

As a marketing coach, I won’t just tell you about your problems and then leave—I’ll teach you how to solve them—step-by-step—guiding you and supporting you and your team throughout our journey together.

Being an experienced digital marketing coach, I will help you take your personal and professional vision and turn it into reality with action plans that help you solidify your business goals, target the right people, and effectively serve your clients.

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A Digital Marketing Coach for The Modern Marketer

I know—you’re busy busy busy—part of being an entrepreneur is the hustle and bustle of keeping your operation running smoothly. You’re putting out fires, responding to clients, keeping up with investor requests, and marking off daily tasks to work toward your business milestones.

Well, no wonder you don’t have time to proactively strategize and implement a suitable marketing plan that’s aligned with your vision and goals!

I’M Here tO Help

This is where my marketing coaching services come into play. I do the hard part: I’ll conduct the market research, I’ll accurately brand, proactively strategize, and efficiently implement a robust marketing approach that will bolster your career.

 The best part is: you will be involved just enough so that you can continue to work on the day-to-day parts of your business while building a strong marketing foundation of your own and be able to reuse and implement our marketing process for years to come.

Let’s Elevate Your Brand and Uphold Your Values By:


Being more strategic in your marketing efforts & applying marketing best practices


Meeting the growing and changing demands of your organization more efficiently


Proactively proposing and implementing new and refreshing marketing strategies

create a marketing approach that does more than just react

Suppose you don’t have a strong marketing foundation for your business. In that case, your marketing plan is probably just reacting—reacting to the demands of your industry, investors, partners, customers, or clients—the problem with reacting is that you have no control of the outcome.

Working with me will be the first step in taking control of your marketing and revolutionizing your career.


What are my options if I can’t afford your marketing coaching packages?

If working with me one-on-one isn’t in your price range, I have an online marketing course where you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to do everything we would work on in person. I also offer payment plans for one-on-one coaching sessions.

How will this help my brand?

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is demonstrating their value to their organization. Change has to start somewhere. If you don’t take control of your vision and your career, you’ll end up burnt out and discouraged. Working with me is the first step to revolutionizing your team and bolstering your career.

Is this something I could do myself?

Technically, yes, you can do this by yourself. But have you done it? No. Because you’re concerned with keeping up with the day-to-day activities and keeping your head above water.  Unlike other digital marketing coaches, I will hold you accountable and take on the time-consuming activities of building a strong marketing plan so you can continue to focus on your business.

What if I already know what I should be marketing?

Great! How’s it working for you? Are you meeting the demands of your organization? Do you feel like your team has built a respectable reputation where your strategic problem solvers? If you don’t know the exact answers to these questions, then my services are for you. Let’s talk!


“I’ve had my business for 10 years. I know my product and I know my customers, but Katlynn gave me tools to help reach more of them more often. Katlynn worked with me to finally get a newsletter going, and I think we’ve hit the sweet spot of engaging customers with useful content and increasing sales. I’m certainly getting more orders!

I can now make bigger plans for where I want to take my business since Authentic has helped me streamline my communication tactics. And when I get to those bigger plans, I know that Authentic will get my customers as excited about them as I am.”
Anneliese Johnson

Owner, Eye Candy Quil


“I decided to dive back into coaching full force. Doing that I needed to take a good look at my processes, my brand, my marketing and so much more but to be honest, I didn’t have a clue where to start!

That’s where Authentic Branding stepped in and made me really think. I have had three calls so far and Katlynn’s fire and drive to help female entrepreneurs makes me so excited. She has given me the tools to create a brand instead of just a business. She has made me think outside the box and truly explore all angles of branding and marketing that I honestly would have NEVER thought of on my own!”

Alyssa Huber
Owner, Mother Loving Fitness


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