Learn how to use word of mouth to grow your small business

learn how to build your business through referrals.

This week I talk to Chyanne from Don’t Be Chy Photography.

Chyanne is The founder of Don’t Be Chy Photography, where she specializes in shooting destination weddings with her husband Daryl. They help couples create lasting memories while taking the stress away.Don’t Be Chy has expanded over the years to include a team of wedding photographers, other types of photography sessions, business mentoring and even photography workshops. One of their newest divisions is the Don’t Be Chy Boutique, a space for all things creative. They have a hair salon, massage therapist, lash tech, photography studio and a retail space where they house mostly local artisans. Chyanne’s photography career started as a hobby with a gentle nudge from her husband and grew into so much more in just 6 short years. She could never have told you that they’d would be where they are today 5 years ago. She is a hairstylist by trade with an extensive back ground in not only salon management but retail as well. Her and Darryl have only been married 5 short years, but seemto have got so much done in that time. Chyanne lives on a farm in rural northern Alberta, with two beautiful daughters and a lot of animals where she strives to show the girls what a balanced life can look like as entrepreneurs. She also loves sharing their tips and tricks on their podcast to help others.

Key Takeaways from the episode:

  • How to ask for referrals
  • How to use those referrals to build your business and make money
  • How to showcase your referrals
  • Why referral marketing is easy for new businesses
  • How to build an experience that will make your clients happy and excited to give you a referral both on and offline

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