Learn how to be a guest on podcasts to promote your small business.

Hey Start Marketing listeners and welcome to today’s episode where we’re going to do a deep dive into how to use podcast guest spots as a way to promote your brand and business with our returning guest, Elaine Appleton Grant. 

Elaine Appleton Grant runs Podcast Allies, LLC, a training, consulting and podcast production company. She’s passionate about teaching solopreneurs and mission-driven leaders how to produce and grow high-quality podcasts. A lifelong journalist, she reported, produced and hosted shows for three different NPR affiliate stations — WBUR (Boston), NHPR (New Hampshire) and CPR (Colorado). Today her work revolves around strategic storytelling: the most purposeful ways individuals and organizations can use well-crafted stories to reach their objectives. She has written and produced audio stories or podcasts for organizations ranging from NPR and Wondery to the University of Colorado, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Learn how to:

  • Pitch yourself as a guest
  • Find podcasts to be a guest on
  • Be a good guest and get the most out of your episode
  • What to do if I get nervous
  • What to do once your episode goes live

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a good one sheet
  • Make it easy for the host to say yes to you by providing questions/topic ideas
  • Listen to one or two episodes to ensure you’re a good fit
  • Have a unique perspective to give to their audience

Katlynn’s one sheet

Connect with Elaine

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