Learn how to build a business you love that doesn’t create burnout.

learn how to build a business you love

On this week’s episode, I talk with Linsday Johnson.

Lindsay grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so it wasn’t any surprise when they decided to become an entrepreneur too. After years of repeating the same cycle of burnout, they decided to figure out how to build a profitable business by working less and playing more. 

They were determined to find a profitable way to run a business that was lfun, authentic to their vision and values and most importantly was fun. They spent the past 20 years learning all things entrepreneurship and business development and has distilled what actually works into simple strategies and formulas for new entrepreneurs to follow. And today they’re here with all the details.

Key Takeaways:

  • using entrepreneurship to build the life you love
  • how to get to know your clients and make more sales
  • why marketing plans are not a “one size fits all” solution

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